Traderush Demo Account

Traderush Trading LiveTradeRush’s binary options broker platform is simplistic, yet geared toward helping people maximize profits. The broker also offers high yield one touch options in addition to the traditional call and put variety. Timeframes range from 60 seconds per trade up to a month, which should appease both short term and longer term traders. They’re based out of Gibraltar, and do business mostly within the EU, but they do have an international focus, including stocks from the U.S., Russia, England, and India, just to name a few. They opened up for business in 2011, which actually makes them one of the older binary options broker out there, and one of the most stable.

The Benefits

One of the first things you will notice about TradeRush is that they are geared toward the smaller trader. This is great for risk management if you are just starting out. The average trade has a minimum risk of $25. And the good news is, their ultra short term trades, like the 60 second options, have even lower minimum trade sizes at just $10 per trade. It allows for people to experiment with short term trades while still not risking a lot of money. For those that want to trade more, you can risk up to $1,500 per trade, which is around the industry standard for max trade risk.

If you are in the United States, You are Not allowed to trade with Traderush.

For those new to the site, they do have a big welcome bonus. This goes up to 100 percent, maxing out at $5,000, and is a great way to supplement your trading capital. However, your bonus cash should be more of a side benefit and not your main focus. It’s great to get free money, and $5,000 is a large amount for a bonus in the binary world, but it’s not yours to keep until it’s completely unlocked.

If you are a larger trader, you can qualify for a Platinum Account. With a $10,000 or bigger deposit to the site, you can get some exclusive features that you will not find with their smaller accounts. Some of these benefits include bigger and more frequent bonus potential, more ease when it comes to withdrawals, and the occasional risk free trade. However, you can still open up an account with as little as $200. This will give you access to a big selection of assets, including some in depth commodities and currency pairs that most other binary brokers simply avoid. If you want to trade something that might be hard to find elsewhere, this is a good broker to find it at.

Another huge benefit is that TradeRush offers 1 week high yield options that can return as much as 700 percent on your risked amount. This is a massive amount of profit, and you are given a week to hit your goal, which is very attractive. If you use these, make sure that you know what you’re getting into as high yield trades can carry some extra risk along with the extra potential reward.
Traderush Allows Big Trades

For all members, they have a solid educational section. They have market reviews, covering daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes, as well as an instructional video academy. This is a good tool for new traders, but pros can benefit from it too since it compiles much of the info you need to be successful all in one spot. For those that want more depth of knowledge, there are also some ebooks for you to peruse and courses that examine binary trading in great detail. If you want to open a demo account, you will need to contact their customer support team. Once you have an account, you can trade with their actual SpotOption platform in real time, but with pretend money. It allows you to learn how to use the software effectively and test out some basic strategy ideas but without the risk or pressure of using your own cash. This in itself is a great learning tool, just be aware that you can only use a demo account for a few days before it will be closed.

The Negatives

TradeRush doesn’t accept traders from the United States, which severely limits the number of people that can use their broker services. Still, most traders in Europe and the rest of the world can use the site and profit a lot from them.

As far as average trades go, they are not the absolute best, but they do offer up to 81 percent returns per trade. This is near the top, but some brokers will occasionally offer up to 85 percent, depending upon the timeframe and the underlying asset. It’s only a slight negative, but still a negative.

Who is this Broker Best For?

This broker is great for smaller traders just starting out. They have small deposit sizes and a low minimum risk amount per trade. Larger traders will find that they need to make many trades in order to benefit here, which can be a pain if this is your focus, but the safety and reputation of the site does have a distinct benefit if security is a concern. Mostly everyone will benefit from this site, but the newer, smaller trader will benefit the most by using TradeRush.

You Can Count on Traderush