Redwood Options

Traders Like RedwoodRedwood Options is a binary options broker focused on variety and providing rewards to their clients. They are based out of Gibraltar, making them a UK based broker, which is great for European traders. They use a secure SSL encryption to keep your personal data safe showing that they value the customer experience here. This is one of the reasons why they have become such a popular site to trade at in the short amount of time that they’ve been open.

The Benefits

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Redwood Options is the fact that they have a huge amount of trade types to choose from. Besides the call/put choice, they also have one touch, ladders, and pairs. They also have short term options, such as the 60 and 90 second trades. Their rates for these are pretty normal (up to 81 percent), but with so many choices, you are given an advantage that you won’t find elsewhere. This is good, because they have a focus on smaller traders, and finding this degree of customization for smaller traders is rare. You can trade with as little as $10 per trade, if you wish. And for many of their trades, you can get 10 percent of your losing trade risk returned to you. This more than makes up for their average profit rate in the long run.

Their mobile trading platform is also a big strength. They have apps for iPhones and Android devices. You will find that a lot of brokers only produce apps for iPhones and iPads because they tend to have a more affluent user base, but most people do use Android devices, so this opens up their platform to many more people. It makes it so you can trade anywhere you go, effectively increasing your profit potential to an astronomic number. Just be careful because increased potential can lead to increased risk if you are not careful about it.

You can trade at Redwood Options if you live in the US. All Traders Welcomed.

Since they do focus on the smaller traders, you can be assured that this extends to new traders, too. They have a strong demo account section that is true to their original real money platform. You can trade in real time for a few days here once you have an account set up. You just need to get in touch with their support team to get you situated with an account. In addition to their advanced level courses and ebooks, this is a great learning tool that can shorten your learning curve and help you to start making high profits faster.

The Negatives

Redwood Options has a few negative features. They do not have a high rate of return on most of their one touch options, for starters. This seems bad, but their trades are easier to be successful with because of the easier to attain parameters. They also have a lower than normal average rate of return at about 75 percent. This isn’t a big deal because of the freedom you are given for customization choices here. If you do look, you will find that they offer high yield trades once in a while, ranging from 500 to 550 percent in returns. These are rare, though.
You can Trade Gold at Redwood Options

Another negative is their lack of regulation. They have security measures in place, but no high authority monitors their actions. It’s actually a mixed blessing, though, because this allows them more freedom to accept customers and provide better choices for their clients. They have a great reputation despite this extra layer of protection, so it’s really up to you as an individual to determine how you approach this subject.

Who is this Broker Best For?

Again, this broker is best for the small trader. It will be helpful if you have experience before you start trading here, but it’s not necessary to be successful. They have measures in place to get you from novice to experienced in a short amount of time. Furthermore, because they are so client oriented, they have been at the front of the line when it comes to industry innovations over the last year. Odds are, they will keep themselves there and go above and beyond to keep making sure that you the trader are getting the largest amounts of benefits possible.

If you don’t fit into this category, don’t worry. Large traders will see benefits too, although this might not necessarily be the best place for them in some situations. You can risk up to $5,000 per trade, and there’s no limit to the number of trades that you can have open at any one moment. This is great for bigger traders that make several trades per day, and it places them slightly above average in this particular category.

In other words, it seems that Redwood has a little something to please everyone. It’s worth checking out on your own if you feel that you will benefit from this broker’s services. Redwood Options is a great all around broker and could be of great value to you.

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