Boss Capital Review

What you get and what you should get from a binary options broker can be two different things, but Boss Capital delivers where others do not. They also have all of the major things that you should be looking for in a binary broker: high rates of return, a big asset list, several types of trades, and a high degree of security and top notch reputation. They are pretty new, founded in 2014, but they have grown quickly in creating a big client base.


Boss Capital has the call and put options that you know, but they also have a few others, including, boundary and one touch trades. These exotic trades can be extremely helpful for generating extra profits if you use them right. You can trade with these tools using most of the underlying assets that they offer. They have a big selection of Forex currency pairs, many of which do not include the big four. You can trade the euro/U.S. dollar pair if you’d like, but they also have the AUD/CHF, for example. They also have the major stocks and indices from around the world, as well as the biggest and most popular commodities, like gold and oil.
Tight Trading with Boss Capital

They do offer a selection of pairs, as well. With these, assets are matched up, and your job is to pick the one that will have the big percentage of gains for the timeframe selected. These are becoming quite popular amongst binary traders and can allow you to use focused knowledge in yet another type of trade to better your chances of making money.

You can make up to 85 percent profits on a single trade with their normal trades, which puts them right at the top of the list in this respect within the binary options industry. Most other brokers will not go above 81 percent. With their high yield trades, you can earn even more than this, sometimes up to 350 percent per trade.

All traders are accepted at Boss Capital including people from USA and Japan.


The broker has some great educational tools in place for traders of all abilities. A lot of people skip over these things, but they are incredibly helpful for a few reasons. No one knows all there is to know about trading, and using things like Boss Capital’s Trading Academy can give you an edge in areas where you never have been successful before. This portion of the website includes an introductory ebook, both basic and advanced courses, as well as a market news section so that you can keep up to date on what is going on with current events and learn how these things can affect asset prices. These are all good skills to have, and Boss Capital compiles them all in a single location to make obtaining the necessary knowledge for success a lot more efficient on your part.
Trading Deposits


Boss Capital has easy deposits and withdrawals, and they do allow U.S. based traders use their site. You can open up an account for free, but you can’t start trading until it’s funded. You can do this with a credit card or a wire transfer. The minimum deposit is $500, which is average for the industry. Their site is safe and secure and they do not hold onto your credit card information. Once you’ve made a deposit, you can trade as much as you’d like. Withdrawals are also easy, but for security reasons, they have you provide documentation on your location and identity in order to prevent fraud. It protects both you and them. If you are using a credit card for withdrawals, you will need to send them a scanned copy of the card’s front and back sides, too. The process is pretty quick, and can usually be completed within seven business days once the documents have been received. The best way to ensure a speedy withdrawal is to make sure that everything has been sent in long before you will need to request a withdrawal. This will decrease the urgency of getting things done right away.

Final Thoughts

Boss Capital is a top binary options broker, especially if you live within the U.S. They have almost 200 assets, awesome rates of return, and great features to educate you and help you earn even more. Great customer service, the occasional bonus, and smooth transactions make the site all the more better for you to increase your bottom line. Boss Capital is a great resource for most short term traders and worth checking out if you are interested in furthering yourself as a binary trader.

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