European Industries Hit Hard

All of those that have been thinking that the European economy is a good place to invest in during 2016 might need to think again. Surprise slumps all across the Eurozone are indicating that the European economy is nowhere near ready for recovery, and stock prices are beginning to indicate this even more deeply than they have been. England’s economy is also feeling the negativity.

The big drain in Europe right now is industrials and manufacturing. Both of these are far off of predicted pace. In England, for example, manufacturing output is at the lowest month over month level it’s been at since September of 2012. This slowdown has led to a stalling of economies all over Europe, in and out of the Eurozone. England is not a member of this group, and they are still being hit hard. Continue reading

Starting the New Year Right

If the Markets Go Up

Now that we have entered a new year, it’s important to take a step back and look at your overall financial situation. Being able to work on your own schedule, from home or wherever else you want to, is one big step in this direction. Having expendable income to treat yourself to the things that you want when you want them is also a great goal. By maximizing your earnings through being a successful trader, you can achieve this, but it needs to be done in a smart way so that you are not actually doing the exact opposite. This is a good chance to see how we can do this.

So many articles will be flooding the internet over the coming weeks about things that you can do differently in 2016 to get ahead with your money. Continue reading

How To Use A Binary Options Trading Platform

At first glance, a binary options trading platform may appear to be quite complex. But before you panic and run screaming from your computer, hear me out. Trading interfaces are loaded with many different options. However, this does not mean that they are overly complicated. In fact, they are specifically designed to be mastered in an hour or less. Use the following guide to started quickly, while avoiding many common problems.

The first step should be to see what educational resources your broker is offering. Most will offer some type of videos and/or written material that outlines the instructions for how to use the specific type of platform that they provide. The most widely used platform brand is SpotOption, which is exceptionally easy to use, but there are other major brands seen throughout the industry as well. Although each differs, they all have several key similarities. Continue reading

Lessons from Apple’s Loss

On Tuesday, Apple had a surprising loss of almost $4 per share. Things like this happen once in a while. A loss of more than 3 percent of a large cap stock like this isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it does happen from time to time. The important thing to think about when this happens is to look at the causes of it.

Keep in mind that Apple has had a phenomenal year. They’ve grown, gaining more than $15 per share, and that’s after a split shaved their stock into several parts. Their growth, scaled correctly, is closer to $100 per share. That’s a huge number, and it makes a small drop in price like this make more sense. However, it’s still a more than 3 percent drop, and that’s a concern when the index containing it only dropped about 0.2 percent. Continue reading

Big Week for the GBP

You can See it Live

This week, there are a number of events that will be occurring in the UK, all of which have the ability to influence the value of the pound sterling. Knowing what these events are, and what they can do, will help you to trade the GBP a little bit better, especially if you have experience with another major currency, such as the euro or the U.S. dollar. Let’s look at what these four big events are, and what you should be on the lookout for following the release of this data. Continue reading

Weekly Charts for Short Term Trading

Trading weekly information

A lot of traders tend to focus on their short term strategies and neglect the long term side of things. In the world of Forex trading, this can be dangerous because while short term trades are the norm here, success of any sort in this market relies on being able to construct a long term plan.

One strategy to overcome this issue that many professional Forex traders use is to look at a weekly chart during some of your down time. Usually, although markets are almost always open, there are certain times that you will have scheduled in so that you are not trading. Continue reading

Auto Trading – Feel the Power

The hottest development to hit the binary options trading market in recent years is autotrading. When an autotrader is used, the trader essentially allows a computerized system to enter into trades on his or her behalf. While there is some level of control, primarily over the amounts committed to each trade, traders are required to place a lot of trust in this type of system. Furthermore, these systems are not offered for free, so careful consideration is required before deciding if this type of service is right for you.

The primary advantage of an automated trading system is the fact that it eliminates the effort that is typically required in order to profit from the markets. Once the setup is complete, the system will take over, entering into trades that meet the pre-set parameters that the trader has selected. At this point, the trades are completely controlled by the auto-trader until it is either paused or disabled. All outcomes – win or lose – will just have to be accepted. As frightening as this may sound, there is no denying the benefits of effortless investing. Continue reading

S&P 500 on the Rise

U.S. stocks are currently at record highs, and it looks like, according to analysts, that this is just the beginning. The job outlook is better than it has been in years, major companies keep turning in better than expected profit numbers, and there’s more demand for products and services than ever before.

2015 started on a negative note for the markets. The S&P 500 had a monthly decrease of over $60 for the month of January, and overall, it was the sharpest drop in price that the U.S. stock market had seen in over a year. It wasn’t exactly a surprise to most, but it was a lot bigger of a drop than what was expected. However, only a couple weeks later, the S&P is now near its highest point ever, hitting an intraday record on Friday, February 13th. It’s clear that the markets have gotten over whatever doubts investors had during January and things are going to be going up again for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

Oil Volatility Dropping?

Looking at Oil PricesCrude oil is on a wild ride right now, and investors are now more fearful than ever of just where this ride will end. The so called “fear index” is at crisis levels right now, the highest they’ve been since 2009, but this time, the general consensus is not that prices will turn around. In fact, there is more uncertainty than ever before right now when it comes to the world’s most highly traded commodity.

As you will remember, 2009 was in the midst of the financial crisis that followed the housing market crash, and investors were scrambling to make up for the losses here. Other sectors of the economy were impacted, including oil, but the real damage was done elsewhere. This time, oil is one of the things being hurt directly, and it will be much harder for the commodity to recover with the same strength. There are a number of factors contributing to the decline of oil, and until they all are fixed, the short term future of oil is as of yet undetermined. Continue reading

What Tim Cook has Done for Apple

Watch AAPL Stock

Apple recently announced a record breaking profit over the course of the last quarter, and critics are wondering whether or not it’s something that’s repeatable. Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple and subject of a Hollywood movie, has cast a big shadow, and current CEO Tim Cook receives a lot of scrutiny about it, making this huge profit all the more suspect. However, there is something even more important that a lot of people are overlooking about Apple. Since Cook took over for Jobs in August of 2011, the price of Apple’s stock has more than doubled. When you look at it in this light, record breaking quarters are just par for the course. Apple, staying close to this trajectory, will have many more records broken in the future.

This is tough for the average investor to see because Apple’s stock had a seven way split last year, but even accounting for this, Apple’s price has gone from $53 up to its current price of $117. Growth like this is not common, and largely in part to the huge success that the newest iPhones have had. But so far, Cook has shown no sign of slowing down the company’s growth and ambition. Continue reading